Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Open Source & Education

I came across this panel discussion of education fellows today at Pop!Tech. Fascinating and powerful discussion regarding open source principles in education and education reform.

At the end of this video a question is asked, "With all of this technology, what is lost?" What are your thoughts?

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Jim from MN said...

The "typical" NYC student spends one hour per week in front of a computer in school? I believe that statistic to be true probably everywhere in the US (or a figure close to it), yet students will spend countless hours per week on games, cell phones, and iPods.

Todd Oppenheimer (Atlantic Monthly "Computer Delusion" 1999?) wrote about what is "lost" when too much emphasis is placed on technology spending (at the expense of music, arts, etc.), but I don't really think there needs to be any losers. Achievement is not a "zero sum" game. Kids left behind aren't achieving to their potential because of computers--they need strong curriculum, tools, and instruction by good teachers. Tools may or may not include computers.