Friday, October 31, 2008

podcast about podcasting

We just can't resist the meta-references.

Just as Carl earlier posted a "screencast about screencasting" based on his October 25 breakout session, I've posted an audio recording of the same day's session on podcasting---a podcast about podcasting, if we don't mind stretching the technical definition. It's posted as an attachment on the October 25 agenda page on the NEMEN Technology Leaders site. Click here to listen. Session notes can be viewed here.

You can also find (and add to) an extensive list of podcasting resources at the Hamline Podcasting 101 wiki, a site developed as a companion to Hamline's podcasting course.

Finally, no discussion of podcasting in education is complete without mentioning Dan Schmit and his excellent book, KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom . If you're just getting started with podcasting and looking for practical curriculum integration ideas and easy-to-understand technical help in equal parts, look no further than KidCast. And don't miss Dan's KidCast blog and podcast.

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